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Pierre is an EU Marie Curie Fellow and joined the Taylor lab in January of 2012. He received his PhD from the University of Angers (Bruno Le Cam's lab) in November of 2007, and then worked as a postdoc in Tatiana Giraud's lab at the University Paris Sud for 4 years. Pierre left the Taylor lab in April of 2014. Pierre will beging working at the Montpellier 2 University in January of 2015.



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* contributed equally.


Book Chapters

  • Gladieux P, Byrnes E, Aguileta G, Fisher M, Heitman J, Giraud T. 2010. Epidemiology and evolution of fungal pathogens in plants and animals. In: Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases. Michel Tibayrenc (ed.). Elsevier, Inc.