Takao Kasuga
(530) 752-4721

Takao started drifting westwards in 1991 after receiving his MSc in Catalytic Chemistry from Waseda University in Japan. He stayed in Aberdeen, Scotland where he studied for his PhD in Molecular Biology. From 1995 to 1997, he found himself working for the Noble Foundation in Ardmore, Oklahoma, where he studied disease resistance genes in plants. In 1997, he reached California and has been working at Roche Molecular Systems and at the University of California in Berkeley ever since. Takao's main interests are the evolution of fungal pathogens and host pathogen interactions, as well as coevolution of languages and human cultures.

Takao left UC Berkeley in April 2008 for UC Davis and the USDA ARS where he's working as a Research Molecular Geneticist.

Journal Publications

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Book Chapters and Conference Papers

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